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AmazonSmile is a free and easy way to support your favorite charities and non-profits at no cost to you! By simply selecting South Central STEM Collective as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase you make to us. Although this sounds small, it is by no means insignificant and every little bit helps!


Q: How much does SC2 get from each purchase?

A: Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase directly to SC2.

Q: What does SC2 do with the money received from AmazonSmile?

A: This money helps cover utility expenses such as internet and electricity, which support all of our clubs!


Below are instructions for setting up AmazonSmile on your computer and your mobile device. Be sure to follow both sets of steps (Website and Mobile) if you use both for shopping, as turning one on does not turn on the other.


  1. Go to in your favorite internet browser.

If you already have AmazonSmile set up for another charity and you want to switch your charity to us, simply open the AmazonSmile dropdown and press Change.

Image highlighting buttons to change AmazonSmile Charities

  1. If you do not have AmazonSmile already set up, it will ask you to search for a charity. Just type in South Central STEM Collective and press Search.

  2. Select South Central STEM Collective from the list. Image showing the search results after choosing to switch charities

  3. And that's it! Just make sure anytime you make a purchase through Amazon, you are going to and not


If you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, there is a great Extension/Add-on called AmazonSmile Redirect which will automatically redirect your browser to AmazonSmile whenever you visit.

Disclaimer: This is a 3rd-party add-on and is not supported by SC2. Please report any issues to the developer directly. If this add-on ever goes unmaintained or is hijacked, feel free to get in touch.

Mobile App

  1. Install the Amazon Shopping app on your phone

  2. Launch the Amazon Shopping app and go to Settings by tapping the hamburger button , then scroll to the bottom.

    Hamburger MenuScroll to the bottom
    Screenshot of the Amazon Shopping app settings pageScreenshot of the bottom of the Amazon Shopping app settings page
  3. Tap AmazonSmile and then tap the button to turn on AmazonSmile.

    • There are a few steps the app will walk you through
    • During this process, you will want to search for South Central STEM Collective as your charity
  4. That's it, your AmazonSmile donations are set up!

Renewal Date

Make note of the Renewal Date your app displays in the AmazonSmile menu. This is the date Amazon turns off your Smile donations, so you will have to manually re-enable. Your renewal date occurs every 6-months.