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Onshape is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for computer-aided-design (CAD) which runs entirely in your web browser. This is a great solution for individuals who have limited access to computers or individuals who do not have very powerful computers. Onshape also allows for powerful team-collaboration features so multiple students or educators can work on the same project at a time. They have a great blog post on how Onshape can be leveraged for FIRST Robotics teams.

In addition to Onshape's first-party offerings, there are several part libraries available for commonly used FIRST Robotics components:

Getting Started

Getting set up with a free education account is easy.

  1. Head to and choose "Create EDU Account".
Screenshot of Onshape education page
  1. Complete the form with your contact information and click "Create EDU Account"
Screenshot of Onshape education account creation page
  1. You will be redirected to a final page collecting information about your education. Complete the form and choose "Create Account".
Screenshot of Onshape account creation page with education questions for students
  1. Finally, you should receive an email finalizing your account creation, setting up a password, and granting access to the Onshape software.


If you are on our FRC team (Biohazard) reach out to a mentor on Slack to get an invitation to our Onshape team. Teams allow multiple members to collaborate on parts and projects at the same time.