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🔐 Google Workspace


Google Workspace accounts are not limited in quantity, but are limited in distribution. Please reach out to a board member on Slack if you need an account.


Individual mailboxes for all BoD members and specific volunteers and students who are working with SC2 in a bigger capacity. Emails follow the following format: [first name]@scstem.[org/tech] and email aliases can be added upon request. Shared accounts will be available in situations where necessary (e.g.: [email protected]) which can be passed between individuals.

Everyone who has an account is encouraged to use (and check) their SC2 account for all SC2 communications. This helps keep what we are doing organized and on-topic.


Quickly go straight to your SC2 email account by going to


SC2 calendars are shared to specific users/groups, so head to with your SC2 account to see what calendars you are a part of. The public SC2 calendar is available here.


Most of our documentation (where possible) should be performed in Google Docs. To keep things simple and standardized, there are several templates available within Google Workspace.

Current, hopefully updated, list of templates:

  • SC2 Base: Blank document with SC2 logo and contact info for general use
  • Board Meeting Notes: Meeting notes template with SC2 logo and contact info


Each user gets 30GB of Google Drive storage which includes the ability to create Shared Drives which can be shared with users internal and external to SC2. Shared Drives are generally better than Shared Folders when needing to have a drop-point or shared folder between many different users. For example, a Media drive for all pictures/video from competitions.

Shared drives are shared to specific users/groups. These shared drives can be accessed in your Google Drive sidebar.

List of Shared Drives

SC2: Board of Directors

  • Files for BoD members (primarily meeting notes & official documents)
  • Access managed by the BoD

SC2: Marketing

  • Files for the marketing team. This includes the Google Sites files for our various websites and should be where we keep any public Google Forms files.
  • Access managed by the BoD

**SC2: Media **

  • Shared drive for pictures/videos from team members, parents, volunteers, etc.
  • Access managed by the BoD

SC2: Biohazard

  • Biohazard shared drive, used for allowing external and internal users to collaborate on files
  • Replaced "4050 Shared Drive" that had existed prior to SC2
  • Access managed by the BoD

Quickly go straight to your SC2 Google Drive by going to


Although Google Meet meetings didn’t seem to have a time limit before, they definitely do not have a limit now. All official SC2 meetings will be migrated to Google Meet and users can create Google Meet meetings without time limits for their clubs. Additionally, we have a dial-in phone number associated with any meetings created.


Most users will have the ability to create and publish Google Sites sites. Google Sites is an easy drag and drop site builder, which makes it easy to quickly create a website. Individual sites are great for students to showcase projects or SC2 to segment our online presence. Custom URLs (i.e.: are available upon request.