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🔐 Google Workspace

Google Workspace accounts are not limited in quantity, but are limited in distribution. Please reach out to a board member on Slack if you need an account.


SC2 has several shared laptop/desktop workstations for use by all students, volunteers, or mentors. Each system has been pre-loaded with an image containing common software packages that are useful for our programs (i.e.: VSCode, various internet browsers, Java SDK, etc.). Additional software can be installed as-needed, but note that these systems will be re-imaged as-needed and installed software may not carry over.

Free Software

There are many free software packages and websites that students and volunteers may find helpful in everything from engineering to marketing. Below is a list of some of our favorites.


Onshape is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for computer-aided-design (CAD) which runs entirely in your web browser. This is a great solution for individuals who have limited access to computers or individuals who do not have very powerful computers. Onshape also allows for powerful team-collaboration features so multiple students or educators can work on the same project at a time. They have a great blog post on how Onshape can be leveraged for FIRST Robotics teams.

SC2 Software

The following page and sub-pages are a mostly up to date list of the internal pieces of software available to SC2 members and technical volunteers. Aside from Slack and Google Workspace, most of these resources are used by specific roles and access is granted on a case-by-case basis.


There are a number of software packages and tools SC2 members have access to, which are documented here. Additionally, we maintain a list of useful free tools that anyone can make use of, primarily in STEM or STEM-related areas.

Windows Image

As dissussed here, all computers are configured with a base image to keep updates and available software consistent across the board. The base software included and process for imaging is outlined below, however this list can quickly become out of date, so ask around on Slack if you have any specific questions.